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Pedidos online

Immediate, secure, fairer payments andwithout intermediaries

Initiation of account-to-account (A2A) payments, integrated into your site, e-commerce platform and APPs. Ideal for LATAM payment gateways (PSPs).


Decentralized payment verification through our API and WHATSAPP

Solution that adapts to any platform, both e-commerce and physical store software. You can verify payments through our API and WhatsApp in an agile and secure way.

Qué hacemos?
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Embedded rewards program

Improve the experience and satisfaction of your users by granting them direct benefits thanks to the rewards program included in our platform.

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Transform the end-to-end payments experience

Mejora la experiencia de pago de tus clientes

Rápida implementación con una API única

Menor precio, sin contratos

Maximice la seguridad de sus transacciones

Infinia: Empowering businesses with seamless, secure, and global instant payment solutions.

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